About us

Gillie Food Ltd is one of the Oriental Vegan and Vegetarian meat-substitute alternative food manufacturers & importers in the UK. Our product ranges are based in Textured Soya Protein and Wheat Protein, which is a nutritious member of the protein family, is entirely meat free. Also approved by the Vegetarian Society Trade Mark; Our products are NON-MSG; NO GMO, No preservative.Frozen and Instant vegan and vegetarian products are the main type of products in our range. Consumer satisfaction is our main objective.

Gillie Food is from our family recipes and we show how easily our delicious products can be added to any family’s table.
  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

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Speciality Oriental Vegan Catering

Gillie Food can cater at weddings, parties and special occasions, as well as public events. We also manufacture a delicious range of oriental vegan meat-substitutes (Vegetarian Society approved), for supply to the public and to other caterers.